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learning and development skills

Why you should Invest in Learning and Development?


What is Learning and Development?

Learning and Development or L&D describes what a business does to encourage professional development for its employees. Learning development can be a training course, development programs, development activities and online learning.

Learning and development are one of the main responsibilities of Human Resource Management, which is usually taken care of by the HR department. Learning and development strategies can differ for each company. Larger corporate companies tend to have a completely different strategy to small or medium-sized companies. 

Why is Learning and Development so Important? 

There are many reasons why investing in learning and development on your staff is so important. Learning and development offers an opportunity for teams to grow their knowledge base and improve their jobs skills to become more effective within the workplace. 

Although training your employees for effective learning development skills can be expensive, the return on investment is endless. Learning and development strategies can benefit all types of businesses, but it is really smaller companies that take effect. Giving your employees the opportunity to develop and learn new skills can not only benefit themselves but the business itself. 

Here are a few other reasons why companies should be investing in learning and development:

Improved productivity and performance

Allow employees to further their skills means they can do their jobs more efficiently and transition into other roles easily. Investing in learning and development skills for employees is also going to improve as they are gaining more knowledge into the industry, the purpose of the business and a better insight into their responsibilities in their role.

Increase in Employee Satisfaction

When helping your employees with their career development allows employees to feel valued and supported within their workplace, therefore job satisfaction is likely to increase. Employees are less likely to seek other job opportunities which reduce the overall staff turnover within the workplace. 

Increased Business Knowledge 

Learning and development is an effective learning strategy within your workplace that can lead to an increase of business knowledge for your employees, forming a collaborative environment making employees more passionate and driven to help achieve the companies goals. 

Increase Innovation

Investing in employee training strategies allows your employees to learn from expert learning and development speakers and networking with like-minded people across the industry, can encourage your employees to develop new ideas to take the business forward. 

Learning and Developing Reinforces Business Values

As businesses grow bigger, lots of companies sway from their original business values. Learning and development are important to any business, as it reminds the management and the employees about these values. Learning and development can reinforce the businesses values by giving users a chance to demonstrate them. 

The Importance of Off-Site Training 

Implementing an effective learning and development strategy at your company can help to attract potential clients by motivating your team and retaining them for longer. This is part of the reasons at Kettering Conference Centre we put such an emphasis and professional development because we understand how learning and development strategies benefit your business. 

At Kettering Conference & Leisure Village our conference venue sees organisations receive training and development sessions at our location in Northamptonshire. Whether it is formal training sessions delivered by members of the public, internal staff, or business leaders, we see the first-hand benefits of how off-site training benefits the participants instead of holding training sessions in the usual workplace. 

Our training venue is an opportunity to learn, we offer a quiet, interruption-free space for you and your employees to get the most out of their training sessions. Our venue allows you to take the time away from any distractions so that the presenter or task you are focusing on gets your full attention without the temptation to glance at a notification or incoming call.

We offer state of the art equipment and technology that you can utilise in your training session. The wide range of facilities we have to offer, such as our high-speed wifi allows you and your team to have a smooth-running presentation. Our conference and training centres are purpose-built and have the utilities for a successful training session. If you require more information then please do not hesitate to give us a call.