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What To Wear To An Asian Wedding


If you’ve just been invited to an Asian wedding and are wondering ‘what to wear to an Asian wedding’, then you’ve landed on the right page!

When attending an Asian wedding, there are many things that you may want to consider regarding the dress code. Before you begin furiously clicking from webpage to webpage desperately trying to find the perfect outfit, there are a number of nuances you will need to take into account before making your purchases. 

If you are unsure what Asian wedding guest clothes are, meaning you’re unsure of what your wedding guest attire should be to attend a Chinese or Japanese wedding, we can offer you a range of options to consider. However, if you’re wondering what to wear to an Indian wedding, we can also supply you with a variety of ideas to give you inspiration. 

Whether you’re attending an Asian wedding, an Asian wedding reception, or simply want to know how best to fit in best with the Asian wedding style, carry on reading to discover what you should wear to an Asian wedding. 

asian wedding guest clothes

What to wear to a Chinese wedding: Avoid wearing red

Traditionally, in Chinese culture, brides are often seen to be wearing a red wedding dress. So, to avoid being viewed as impolite, try to not wear a predominantly red outfit when attending a Chinese wedding. If you wear red and end up upstaging the bride, this will (as expected) not be looked upon favourably. 

During a Chinese wedding, however, the bride will often change dresses over the course of the day. One of these bridal dresses will usually be red, whereas the other will most likely be white. Of course, the general wedding rule of thumb is to avoid wearing white at all costs, and a Chinese wedding is no exception. 

Another colour to steer clear of is, of course, black. In Chinese culture, the colour black brings with it a highly unlucky significance: if you attend an Asian wedding wearing black, it is considered ‘bad luck’ towards the bride and groom. We suggest simply avoiding wearing outfits that consist of predominantly darker colours, and instead opting for a more muted pastel approach. 

By wearing pinks or purples, or even warmer tones, you’re actually being incredibly thoughtful. Traditionally, these colours represent themes surrounding ‘new life’, so by wearing these colours, you’re sending a message of excitement and adventure towards the newlyweds, as they begin their new life together. 

asian wedding guest clothes

What to wear to an Indian weddings: Experience different cultures

Wearing the colours black and red, much like if you’re attending a Chinese wedding, are once again frowned on. Much like a Chinese wedding, Indian brides also traditionally wear red on their special day, so wearing an over-the-top red outfit might not be wise. 

However, don’t let this deter you from experimenting with bright and festive colours: these will always be encouraged! In general, bigger is always better when it comes to Indian wedding ceremonies, and although this year has brought about the challenge of COVID-19 to contend with, planning an extravagant wedding is still of the utmost importance. 

Parthip Thyagrajan, CEO of WeddingSutra, said with regards to the traditional Indian wedding ceremony that “‘Till earlier this year, one wondered just how big the Indian wedding was going to get. It was like a race. Grand was becoming grander, especially in high-income families.”. 

It is also encouraged that wedding guests take the time before the big day to familiarise themselves with some terms for various items in Indian fashion and culture. Of course, traditional Indian clothes not an absolute requirement.

However, when given the unique opportunity to experience a completely different culture, guests are encouraged to embrace and honour the traditions being celebrated on an Indian wedding day. You could even wear a saree!

asian wedding guest clothes

What to wear to a Japanese wedding: Keep it formal and respectful

When attending a Japanese wedding, it’s best not to wear anything that could potentially be seen as revealing. Having bare shoulders, toes, or even knees could be thought of as impolite. Even in the height of summer, it is recommended to wear tights or stockings to appear respectful. 

Elder members of the Japanese culture are often seen to be wearing kimonos, however, we stress that you should only wear a kimono if you are doing so correctly. Apart from that, there aren’t many differences between what is expected at a Japanese wedding as opposed to one of any other country. 

Of course, there are some things that will get you somewhat questionable looks at a Japanese wedding, much like any other wedding. Wearing white, wearing too much colour, and showing off your extravagant jewellery are most definitely sure-fire ways to upstage any bride. So keep it simple, and keep it classy!

asian wedding guest clothes

What To Wear To An Asian Wedding Conclusion

If you’ve never attended an Asian wedding before, we understand that figuring out what to wear can be confusing. With many aspects of Asian culture being deep-rooted in tradition, knowing what or what not to attend a wedding in and avoiding judgement while doing so can be a challenge. 

But by conducting enough research and simply talking to the bride and groom-to-be, it’s simple enough to figure it out. So, just to reiterate, here’s what to wear to an Asian wedding:

  1. Chinese Weddings: Avoid Wearing Red
  2. Indian Weddings: Don’t Be Afraid To Experience Different Cultures
  3. Japanese Weddings: Keep It Formal and Respectful 

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