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Wedding Planning Tips You Need To Know Before Saying “I Do”


You said “yes”! Congratulations! Crack open the best wine you’ve got and pop that cork: you’re getting married and starting one of life’s greatest adventures with the person you love. Awwww, how very sweet! Soon, all of your friends and family will be telling you their best-kept wedding planning tips, whether you asked for them or not.

We’ll let you have your moment of newly engaged bliss…

Okay, moment over. It’s time to start planning and organise the biggest party you’ve ever thrown, and you’ve got to make it count! So, swap your wine glasses for reading ones, and get ready to take some serious notes. And yes: there will be questions later! 

10 Essential Wedding Planning Tips For Couples

1) What Kind Of Wedding Do You Want?

wedding planning tips wedding rings

When planning your wedding, it’s easy to get swept up in all of the glitz and glamour of the celebration. It’s very easy to slip into the routine of putting what all of your guests might like above your own personal taste, and that’s really where we might start to have problems. It’s crucial to remember just whose wedding this is.

It’s times like these where it’s often best to take a step back, take a deep breath, and take a moment to remember what’s important to you as a couple. The fact of whether your Great Aunt Ethel got married surrounded by snow, or that your second cousin twice removed had a destination wedding on a beach in the Bahamas is neither here nor there. What matters is what you and your partner want, and that it’s the wedding of your dreams. 

2) Get To Know The Venue Inside And Out

Round wedding table decorated

Picking the right venue for your wedding is so, so important. It’s so much more than choosing a building that’ll look lovely in photos (although that is still a very important aspect), and there are a huge number of different scenarios and ideas to have considered before signing your name on any dotted line.

Each building or wedding venue has its own little quirks, much like the person you’re getting married to! So to get the most out of your venue, we recommend drafting a few pro and con lists, and knowing exactly what you can and definitely won’t budge on.

At Kettering Conference Centre, we love a good party! And our venue and our experts are certainly not shy when it comes to hosting dream weddings for our guests. There’s something for everyone, and our rooms are just perfect for those who want to keep the celebrations going all night long. For more information about our venue and our facilities, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

3) Understand Your Guests And What They Need

wedding planning tips guests needs

Knowing what you want and what’s essential to you is one thing, and don’t get us wrong, we think that’s very important. However, knowing your guests and their potential limitations is also crucial to making sure your wedding day goes off without a hitch. For example, you don’t want to rock climb to get married at the top of a mountain if you really want your frail and elderly Great Aunt Ethel to be there. 

Although you have every right to make your special day all about you and your partner, having paramedics called to the reception or rehearsal dinner because someone with a nut allergy had no choice but to eat the chocolate and hazelnut brownies might not go down too well. Besides, at the end of the day, the people you have attending your wedding are presumably people you and your partner cherish. So, making sure their needs are taken care of certainly might go a long way. 

4) Money Isn’t Everything…But It Helps

wedding planning tips expensive dress

There’s only so many times you can stretch your budget, and eventually your little spendings here and there are going to add up to a wedding that is way out of your price range. Just remember that your budget is there to be stuck to, and it’s not just a suggestion!

If you are going to be flexible with your spending, keep in mind that what you splash out on in one area of your wedding will have its own consequences. Say your reception meal costs roughly £100 per guest. If you’re prepared to spend an extra £200 making sure you find the perfect wedding dress, you’ve also got to be prepared to ruthlessly cut two people from your guest list. 

5) You’re Not On Your Own: Talk To Other Couples

wedding planning tips parents

You’re not the first couple to ever get married! There’s a whole community of other lovely people who have gone through just the same things that you have, whether that was three weeks ago or three decades ago. The places and prices may have changed just a tad, but we guarantee that by having a good old fashioned natter with your married nearest and dearest friends and family members, a lot of your worries and doubts will be all cleared up. 

If you don’t have anyone close to you who’s gone through the whole wedding planning process, there are lots of happy couples who are more than excited to share their thoughts and opinions through online forums, blogs, and sometimes even apps! This way, you’re going to avoid any well-meaning friends who are trying to shield you from the reality of wedding planning, or on the flip side, any unwanted negative Nellies! 

6) Pick Your Wedding Party Wisely

wedding planning tips wedding party

You can’t pick your family, no matter how much sometimes you wish you could. But one thing you have complete control over is who you have in your bridal party! Now, your wedding party has the ability to either make or break your wedding day, so you’ve got to make it count.

You’ve got to choose the people you know you won’t look back at your wedding photos and say “oh, who was that bridesmaid again?” or “I haven’t spoken to him in years!”. Remember: these are the people that are going to have your back, touch up your makeup throughout the ceremony and reception, and potentially be in charge of some of the most important details of your wedding.

7) Put Together The Wedding Registry Of Your Dreams

wedding planning tips registry

The wedding registry isn’t the most important part of your big day, but getting it sorted early on can definitely help when it comes to unnecessary prenuptial stress. There are plenty of ways to go about getting your wedding registry up and running, whether that’s by making sure all of your wedding gifts come from one specific shop or supplier by going through them directly or using online resources and apps in order to curate the wish list of your dreams. 

By creating your registry online, you eliminate so much hassle. Of course, for some of your guests, accessing an online option might not be possible. However, there’s always workarounds, tricks and tips to make sure everyone has the best opportunity to treat you to something lovely on your wedding day!

8) DIY Is Your New Best Friend

wedding planning tips DIY

Looking to save a little bit of money here and there? Well, nothing tightens those purse strings tighter than a touch of rustic DIY! There are literally hundreds of online video tutorials to teach you any number of things; from acrylic welcome signs to floral arrangements and decor, there’s bound to be someone online who’s already done it, and for half the price you were originally planning on doing it for!

We suggest investing in the essentials: a hot glue gun, a solid pair of scissors, and enough stationery to last you a lifetime. Taking this risky step in your wedding planning journey is bound to be tricky, but with enough research and practice, you’ll have your big day looking and feeling elegant and vintage in no time at all. 

9) Take Time For You Two: It Is Your Wedding!

wedding planning tips time together

We know this might sound a bit silly; you’re getting married for crying out loud! How much more time do you need to spend together? However, planning a wedding together means that realistically, you’re probably not going to be seeing much of each other! And when you do see each other, you’re going to be too busy discussing cake flavours and dance lessons to actually have a decent conversation with one another. 

Taking some time to talk about things that have nothing to do with the wedding and focus on the two of you is going to be so beneficial to your relationship later on down the line. Not only will it be beneficial to your relationship, but it will also help your wedding. When you’re not so focused on the wedding, you gain the ability to step back and look at the bigger picture. The right choices will suddenly become a whole lot clearer!

10) Don’t Forget To Make It Legal!

wedding planning tips marriage license

Arguably the most crucial part of the wedding planning process! While making big decisions surrounding seating plans and menu options, the whole “actually-getting-a-marriage-license” thing tends to take a bit of a backseat! The sooner you can get this sorted the better, so you have plenty of time to fix any potential hiccups well in advance.

There’s a lot of paperwork to fill out before you legally become husband and wife, so make sure you read everything carefully and make yourself comfortable- you might be there a little while! As soon as the right people have the right pieces of paper, you’ll be all set and legally able to get married in no time at all. 

10 Essential Wedding Planning Tips Conclusion 

Planning a wedding is never going to be easy, but when you’ve got that engagement ring on it’s hard to put everything in perspective. Whether you’re planning a small affair or a lavish event, getting exactly what you want and knowing how you want your big day to go is going to be tricky. However, now you’re practically a wedding planner extraordinaire, the planning process is bound to be that little bit simpler. 

At Kettering Conference Centre, we want to make your wedding day dreams a reality. Based in the Midlands, our beautiful lakeside wedding venue is the perfect place to tie the knot. With space for up to 200 guests, a stylish private bar and a dance floor that’s just waiting to be filled, Kettering Conference Centre can host your wedding and ensure your day goes off without a hitch.