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3 Unusual Team Building Activities You’ll Love


Managing your team and making them stronger shouldn’t be an arduous task to undertake. So, think outside of the box and consider some unusual team building activities today! There are only so many repetitive icebreakers you can do, and only so many small-talk style questions for your team to answer and partake in, so why not kick it up a notch or two? Unusual team building activities aren’t for everyone, but with more variation, inevitably comes more fun!

The great thing about these unusual options is that they can be changed to best suit your team, so no one gets excluded, and nobody gets left behind. Thinking outside the box when it comes to bringing your team together is both creative, and the perfect way to show your employees how well you know them.

If you’re thinking of planning your unusual team building activities indoors, there’s plenty of ways to get your workers excited to participate, as well as by bringing each task you do into the great outdoors. There are lots of opportunities to bring you and your team together, you just need to know how to. To get you started, here are just a couple of things to consider before getting stuck in.

1) Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience and what your team will respond to best is key to organising a fantastic team building event. Of course, the primary focus of a team-building activity is to get to know your team better, but already knowing them well enough to predict what they’ll appreciate is a great start.

2) Anticipate Challenges

The downside of team building is that not everyone is going to click straight away. Sometimes, people aren’t going to like each other, no matter how hard you try and push them together. If worst comes to worst, try your best not to panic. If you anticipate any challenges or potential roadblocks way in advance, you’ll be better at keeping a cool head on the day of your team building activities.

3) Keep Clear Goals In Mind

The obvious outcome of having your team take part in a fun-filled day of unusual team building activities would be that everyone learns to work better together, and everyone becomes closer together for it. However, by setting attainable goals for your team, you get a better understanding of your teams achievements in the long run.

Whether the outcomes you expect are for your team as a whole, or individual, keep a note and make sure to come back to your goals. Now you’ve got a few things to keep in mind, it’s time to decide exactly what unusual team-building activity you and your team will be taking part in. Here’s our list of the very best unusual team building activities:

Top 3 Unusual Team Building Activities and Exercises

1) Blindfolded Taste Test

unusual team building activities taste test

This one is great for testing your bravery, your tenacity, and of course, your senses. Set up a variety of tasty, and well, not so tasty treats for your team, and get them to guess what they’re eating while completely blindfolded! For help regarding how to set this up, or even what foods to try, have a look here for inspiration.

The premise of the task is relatively simple, but the outcome is bound to be both incredibly funny and guaranteed to bring your team closer together. Your team will also learn to trust each other more in the process while developing their communication skills! You could even break off into smaller teams and see how many you can guess in 30 minutes, or write down on a sheet of paper how many you can guess just before the time runs out!

Why just stop at food? Spice up this challenge with a round of drinks, and you could turn this taste test into a full-on banquet! Just make sure that any allergies are stated well in advance and thus taken care of, as this unusual team-building exercise has the potential to go downhill very quickly! Prizes could also be offered to the winning teams or individuals to boost morale.

2) Company Sports Day

unusual team building activities sports day

Put yourself and your team through their athletic paces with a company sports day! You don’t have to be a professional to take part, just leave your sprinting, throwing, and jumping skills well and truly at the door.

Instead, choose to kick it old school. We’re talking three-legged races, we’re talking egg and spoon races. Why not even throw an old-fashioned sack race in there, just for good measure? No sport is off the table, as long as you’re having fun, you’ve already won!

Bring in lots and lots of face paint, choose a lovely warm day where the sun is well and truly shining, and let your competitive streak show. There are plenty of companies online such as our partners at Team Building Solutions who can set your sports day up for you, however, if you fancy getting creative and taking a more hands-on approach, that’s also a fantastic option.

Kettering Conference Centre has lots of outdoor space to set your company sports day up in, as well as fantastic indoor spaces to celebrate your victories (or commiserate your losses in) later on! Get in touch with our team of helpful staff to see just how we can assist you and your event today.

By creating your company sports day from scratch, you can set things up exactly how you’d like them to be, and you can personalise the activities to really suit your audience.

You can play lots of team building games in either small groups or large groups, taking turns to step out of your comfort zones, while the rest of the team takes part in developing either their problem-solving skills or even interesting office trivia!

3) Stories Around The Campfire

unusual team building activities campfire

What could be better than a camping trip? Taking your team away to a campsite, or somewhere that’s legally deemed a-okay to pitch a tent or two, is guaranteed to do wonders for your team’s morale. Getting away from the day-to-day activities that drag you down or even just being able to step away from your mobile phone for a few hours can help reduce stress and get your team to communicate better.

The one thing that’s better than a camping trip, however, has to be a campfire! Pull up a seat and bask in the warm glow of the roaring fire. Sitting around a campfire and sharing stories makes for a fantastic and intimate team-building experience, and will definitely be one that’s talked about in years to come. Simply add some marshmallows and chocolate to the mix and you’re set for a brilliant night.

Unusual Team Building Activities Conclusion

Remember that when it comes to these unusual team-building activities, it really is the taking part that counts. However, it’s also crucial to remember that a little bit of friendly competition never hurt anybody! So, win graciously, lose with dignity, and become closer because of it! Just to recap, here’s our list of unusual team building activities:

  1. Blindfolded Taste Test
  2. Company Sports Day
  3. Stories Around The Campfire

If you’re looking for somewhere to host your unusual team building activities, then look no further than Kettering Conference Centre! Based in Northamptonshire, our breakout spaces, conference rooms and available meeting room areas can host anywhere between five and 2,000 guests.

We also have plenty of other fantastic features, as well as an outside activity space, which is just perfect for holding your team building activities outdoors. For more information regarding our conference spaces, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team.

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