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residential vs non residential conference centre

Residential Conference Centre Vs Non-Residential


When booking your conference centre, there is a lot to consider, especially whether a residential training centre would be more useful to your guests and whether it will be beneficial to your conference. Many non-residential conference centres offer different facilities, so it is important to first establish the facilities and amenities you require in order for your conference to be a success.

What is a Residential Conference?

A residential conference centre such as Yarnfield Park offers the option for delegates to enjoy a night’s stay without having to spend the majority of the day travelling. This is ideal if you’re looking to host your conference over a series of days. 

What is a Non-Residential Conference?

A non-residential conference venue, such as Kettering Conference Centre, is the ideal solution if you are hosting a one-day conference event. A non-residential conference centre will not offer the option for you and your delegates to stay onsite.

Deciding between a residential conference centre, or a non-residential conference centre is an important decision as it affects the overall outcome of a conference.  It will all depend on your budget, requirements, and time. To help you decide which type of conference centre is most suited to your requirements we have weighed up the benefits of each. 

Advantages of a Residential Conference Centre

Conference Centre Accommodation 

The main advantage of a residential training centre is that they offer accommodation for you and your guests. Residential conference centres require less planning and are less time consuming due to there being all of the facilities you need on-site which helps businesses as they can pay a package for everything they need at more favourable rates than having to buy everything separately.


Residential conference centres offer certain facilities that encourage delegates to socialise with one another out of the conference. Having your delegates spend time with one another outside of the working environment encourages the development of new relationships and improves company culture. 


Often, conferences will naturally run over, but hosting your conference in a residential training centre will mean you don’t have to rush off to meet certain deadlines for hotel and transport bookings as everything you need is provided onsite. This will allow you and your delegates to focus more on the conference, building knowledge and relationships, knowing you have more flexibility. 

Disadvantages of a Residential Conference Centre


Due to residential conference centres having everything you need onsite, it, of course, can be more expensive. However, we think the benefits of a residential conference outweigh the costs if you’re looking to offer employees or delegates a full rounded experience.

If you are looking to run a conference on a budget without the bonus of accommodation then it may be worth looking at a non-residential training centre such as Kettering Conference Centre.

Too Many Facilities?

The many facilities residential conference centres have on offer can be overwhelming for delegates and lead to them losing concentration and being unfocused on the main objective of the conference. Delegates may feel persuaded and distracted by the many facilities that residential conference centres have to offer. Facilities such as a spa, restaurant or bar, can have delegates feeling unproductive and paying less attention to the conference. 

Advantages of a Non-Residential Conference Centre


Non-residential conference centres such as Kettering Conference Centre are usually a cheaper alternative to residential conference centres as they have to offer less. The fee of a non-residential conference centre often just includes the training room itself and the equipment. 

Yet residential conference centres often offer conference packages that include an overnight stay, dining options and many more. This is of course useful if it’s what you require, but if you are looking to stick to a budget and require the very least then a non-residential conference centre might be more suitable. 

Productive Environment 

The main focus of attending a conference is to learn. Being in a professional environment naturally encourages delegates to remain focused and motivated towards achieving the most out of the conference. This not only benefits attendees but also helps the speaker to remain focused without additional distractions. 

Disadvantages of a Non-Residential Conference Centre


A non-residential training centre can be overwhelming for delegates. Without having the luxury of catering facilities or team-building exercises onsite it can have delegates feeling burnt out and exhausted. 

Hosting your conference in a non-residential training centre can provide unnecessary travel for delegates. Having your delegates travel to and from your conference on the day of your event can lead to delegates feeling tired and unproductive. 

Residential or Non-Residential Training Centre?

There is a lot to consider when deciding whether you are looking to host your event in a residential training centre or a non-residential training centre. Whether you are going to require conference packages, accommodation, or the use of facilities, it is important to first be aware of your requirements in order for your conference to succeed. 

Our Conference Centres

Kettering Conference Centre is a purpose built non-residential conference centre in an accessible location with many public transport routes nearby. Our conference venue in the Midlands offers 12 flexible spaces that can hold 500+ people, with a fantastic selection of modern training facilities as well as the opportunity to host your team-building exercises onsite. 

To make the planning of your conference easier at Kettering Conference Centre we offer a Day Delegate Rate for your conference or meeting. Our meetings package includes everything you need for a smooth-running event.

Kettering Conference Centre is part of The Venues Collection, a collection of hotels, conference and party venues across the UK. The Venues Collection are perfect for a range of corporate events including training events, meetings, exhibitions and product launches. If you are looking for a residential conference centre in the local area, please explore our local sister venue Sedgebrook Hall, in Northampton.

The Venues Collection offer a wide range of national conference centres that includes a comfortable night’s stay with the option of accommodation. To find out more regarding the residential training centres we have available, please discover our venues here