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Workplace Games: Indoor Team Building Games For Employees


Team building is currently one of the buzzwords throughout offices and workspaces. Particularly with more employees working from home, there is an increase in employers introducing indoor team building games for employees to keep their workforce connected.

As well as being beneficial to productivity, fun team building has a valuable impact on morale and boosts satisfaction within the workplace. With teams often busy with their workload, it can feel like a lot to take time out of the day for team building. However, in the long run, investing time into this can result in better functioning employees who can manage their time and collaborate more effectively on projects.

Benefits of Indoor Team Building Activities for Employees

So what makes team building so valuable? These games are really enjoyable, the perfect catalyst to get people chatting, laughing and thinking. These tasks help to infuse creativity and boost workplace happiness. This improves morale, which has a domino effect throughout the workforce.

Indoor team building games for employees also promotes unlikely collaborations and boosts communication skills, as the team chat and work together on new, exciting tasks and try to reach a common goal. New experiences promote out of the box thinking and better problem-solving skills. Sometimes, taking our eyes off an issue and doing something unusual is exactly what you need to invent a creative, intelligent solution.

Indoor Office Games for Employee Engagement

Depending on the type of team building you’re after, we’ve split this blog into two sections:

  • Problem-solving games for employees
  • Physical team building
indoor team building

Both types are valuable and appropriate for different times. Problem-solving or brain teaser challenges are perfect for the start of meetings, zoom calls or other times throughout the day when the team have 30 minutes spare. Physical team building is ideal when assigned a whole day or afternoon to enjoy the activities, Why not get the team together and travel somewhere to enjoy a day of challenges and laughs. We would highly recommend a mixture of both to maximise the effect of indoor activities for employees.

Problem-Solving Games for Employees

If you’re looking at holding an indoor events, problem-solving games are perfect workplace games because little things throughout the day challenge our thinking and test our skills. Practise and strengthen these abilities with team building activities. We’ve all played two truths and a lie one too many times in the office, so this is a fresh take on some new ice breaker games. These can all be completed in the office with limited materials, perfect for a Monday morning or Friday afternoon game.

Scavenger Hunt

The game: A timeless activity that tests logical thinking and teamwork. Split your employees into small groups. Let them get creative and come up with a team name and slogan. This could also be considered an outdoor team building activity.

Time spent doing this at the beginning allows the members to chat and become more acquainted. This will benefit them when the games begin.

Spend some time hiding items around the office and write some cryptic clues to find them. Bonus points if you can relate the clues to your industry.

Equip everyone with a pen and piece of paper. Then, set the groups off with a time limit, their pen, and sheet of paper and see who can work out the clues and get the most items. Make the clues vary in difficulty, with some simpler and some more complex.

The skills: This activity is great as it boosts memory skills and problem-solving in a tangible way. If you pair up people who don’t typically work together, this encourages communication and bonding which benefits team collaborations and projects.

indoor team building

Guide Me Team Working Game

The game: A super simple yet enjoyable workplace game. Find a breakout space and grab some objects to use as obstacles. This could be an old cardboard box, masking tape, a shoe or whatever you have lying around the office. Encourage your teams to split into groups and ask one member of the group to be blindfolded.

The rest of the group then have to guide them through the obstacles to safely reach the other side. The other employees can watch and even interject if you want to make it more challenging.

The skills: This game is a great trust exercise as the blindfolded person has to have faith in their coworkers. It also enforces active listening, which is a must in the office! They will feel more connected with the team once they safely reach the other side.

It also tests the communication skills of whoever is guiding, as they have to come up with unique ways to direct. This game is a great way to break the ice if you have new employees and you can reward the winning team with some awesome prizes!

Physical Team Building Games

Put the board games to one side and get yourself out and about! If you have the opportunity to get employees out of the office for the day, invest time into some physical team building games. Exercise boosts endorphins, making for a happy team. A lot of people haven’t played team games since school days, so the change of pace is a big motivator and morale booster.

Before you plan these activities, be sure to consider your teams’ abilities. If you set up any games which some of the team cannot be involved in, this totally defeats the object so always be considerate with planning.

indoor team building


The game: Any sports game works well, but dodgeball is a particular favourite which always reveals peoples competitive side. You need at least 6 people to play. Split the group into 2 even teams and give each team 2 balls.

Once the game has begun, the aim is to try to get members of the other team “out” by touching them with the ball. In order to avoid being hit, players will need to duck and dive to stay in the game.

If a player has been hit, they must stand on a separate bench. Whoever gets the opposing team out, wins! You can make the games as long or as speedy as you like, mixing up the teams to give everyone a chance to work together.

The skills: As well as physical exercise, dodgeball requires quick thinking and reactions, communication and teamwork. Working on a strategy whilst running around and trying not to get hit is challenging and will strengthen the teams’ problem-solving abilities.

Sports Day

The game: If you can’t decide on one game, why not have them all? Set up a school sports day with some fun games and different activities to try. Simple yet certainly effective, these will have each team member reminiscing about their youth whilst testing their skills. Mix and match on some old favourites:

  • Egg and spoon race
  • Wheelbarrow race
  • Three-legged run
  • Tug-of-war
  • Space hopper race
  • Sack race

Why not ask your team what their favourite school sports day activity was and incorporate it?

The skills: Learning how to solve a problem or work together as a team promotes team bonding and allows employees to see each other in a different light than in the office. Often revealing unique strengths and weaknesses, each game is a chance to show off a new skill and use a new set of problem-solving skills.

indoor team building

Indoor team building games for employees – the last word!

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog on indoor team building games for employees and you now have some cool ideas for great team building activities. Investing just a short amount of time each month to spend on team bonding and problem-solving can make a significant difference within the workplace.

Not only will it make your team more productive, but it’s a great mood and morale booster. Why not chat with your team about what they want to try? Work together to create a calendar of events/activities to do throughout the year.

If you’re looking for somewhere to host your next team-building session, look no further than Kettering Conference Centre. With 10 spaces of various sizes, we can accommodate both small and large groups in a range of activities.

We offer both indoor and outdoor team building events that your employees are sure to love. We can arrange a team building exercise that the whole squad will love!

Once the activities are completed, we can demonstrate how to maximise your teams potential. Join us for a jam-packed day of fun and learning. To book your team-building at our conference venue Midlands, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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