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How To Launch A Product | 6 Fantastic Tips and Tricks


When it comes to marketing your brand new idea, there are a lot of different things to consider. Knowing how to launch a product is not a skill you’re born with; those skills are often picked up and developed over many years of experience.

However, with these tips and tricks, we hope you’ll feel a little more confident when it comes to the official launch of your product. So, without further ado, here is our list of things you’ll need to know for a stress-free product launch.

At Kettering Conference Centre, we’re able to host various events, including product launches, and tailor them to best suit you. Choosing the right venue can ensure that your product starts off on the right foot, and choosing a venue with lots of space, access to amazing technology and plenty of other features can make for a brilliant launch.

Learning How To Launch A New Product In 6 Simple Steps

product launch event

1) Know Your Customers

No matter what, your customers should be your number one priority. It’s key to becoming a successful brand. Putting their needs and wants first is essential, and will guarantee you a more successful product launch.

We recommend really getting to know your customers by asking them questions and using their answers to improve your product. How to launch a product? You use your audience and take the time to understand them in an effective way. This means that you can solve problems with your product well in advance, so you can launch your product safe in the knowledge that all of the consumer kinks have been well and truly ironed out.

Figuring out how your product works from a customer perspective will give you great insight as to how to make your product as great as it can be. Acquiring as much customer feedback as possible is so great for your event marketing plan and your market strategy, so why not distribute Vista Print personalised business cards to your audience to voice their opinions?

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2) Promotional Content Is A Must

Marketing is key to ensuring your product launch event is as successful as it can be. Getting out a high-quality promotional content level and building anticipation throughout your audience base is essential, so your customers are fully aware of what you’re about to release. By promoting your product, your marketing department is really setting you on the right track to sell a lot more than you’d perhaps initially have expected.

Establishing contacts, reaching out and collaborating with relevant brands is always a fantastic first step. Whoever creates the content and publishes it, you’ll be shown to have valuable and trustworthy links which will do your brand a world of good. Getting clients to click onto your landing page is an incredible starting point. Contacting PR and press release representatives, creating an email campaign, and creating content early are also great ways to start using promotional content.

product launch events

3) Set Aspirational Goals

It’s always a good plan to get ahead and set your goals way in advance, so you know exactly what result you’re aiming for right from the beginning. Ideally, your goals should be established before you’ve even started implementing your strategy.

Keeping your eyes on the prize means that you can really focus your efforts when it comes to launching tactics. Whether your goals are more content marketing based or business based, having them is a great plan nonetheless when it comes to how to launch a product.

Although your goals could very well be more financially aligned, that doesn’t mean they have to be. Whether you’re wanting to direct your attention towards brand awareness and building on what you already have, or if you just want to focus on the new and now, creating brand new products for your consumers. Using online tools such as Asana makes setting goals so much easier, and accomplishing them feel so much better.

product launch event

4) Use Technology To Your Advantage

Technology is becoming almost unavoidable at this point, so why not embrace it and really incorporate it into your product launch? One way has seemingly taken over the product launching scene more than others, and that’s the humble Webinar. Not only are they often sleek, engaging and fun to be a part of, but they’re also super simple to use. It’s also really easy to find out what Webinar service is right for you.

The great thing about technology is that more often than not, it can be changed to best suit your needs and requirements. Depending on the type of product you’re launching, the use of technology may or may not be as relevant to your brand. Using technology, however, to advertise your products and services or your brand identity is bound to create a buzz amongst your target audience.

However, if you’re wanting to do something simple, putting together a slideshow of images isn’t too difficult. Discovering new and interesting lighting setups certainly will be challenging, but certainly won’t go a miss. It’s all about testing your products, having a launch plan, and further establishing your visual identity. Why not involve your social media and start to build a buzz around your launch?

product launch event

5) Understand Your Competition

This step is one of the most important ones out there. If you don’t know what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, you’re more likely to make obvious mistakes that could really cost your product later on down the line.

Besides, if you don’t understand what your customers need, it’s your competitors that they’re going to give their money to instead of you. Being aware of your competitors, and what makes your brand different from the rest, is essential to planning your brand launch or product launch. Focusing on why your product is one of a kind is guaranteeing your product the best start it can have.

product launch event

6) Try, Try, and Try Again

No one has gotten their product, brand or project completely how they wanted it on the first try. To create something perfect, you’re going to have to work really hard all the way until the pre-launch date in order to achieve that. Scrapping your product launch event ideas and starting from the beginning is an essential part of preparing for your product launch, and you shouldn’t be scared to make those mistakes.

Knowing how to launch a brand or a product is such an individualised process, as each product launch is so very different for each brand. However, keeping in mind that you’ve already done the hard bit (a.k.a creating the actual product!), should make the whole product launch process just a little bit easier.

product launch event

How To Launch A Product Tips and Tricks Conclusion

It’s important to remember that no matter what, making sure that your product always takes centre stage is crucial. Your brand is what makes your customers interested, to begin with, but it’s your actual product that keeps them coming back for more. With this list, you’re guaranteed to have a great product launch.

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