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How to choose the right training venue


Providing training for your employees is an important component of any business. Finding the ideal place to host the training can be stressful as it needs to be fit for purpose. There are many factors to consider when selecting a training venue. Below are the most important elements that go into choosing the right training venue so that all your requirements can be met and ensure your training day is a success.

Things to consider when choosing the right training venue:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Facilities
  • Size of venue
  • Catering
  • Event organiser
  • Parking
  • Accessibility
  • Breakout spaces


You’ll need to find a venue that’s close to where your company is based, or, if you have multiple offices around the UK, you should opt for training facilities that are as central as possible for your multiple offices. Kettering is a town in Northampton and a central location that is easily accessible to host your training day. Just 1 hour’s drive from Birmingham and 2 hours from London, Kettering also has its own train station which is a 20-minute walk to Kettering Conference & Exhibition Centre.


This is dependent on the overall budget for your training day. A training day can’t happen without a venue, therefore hiring a training venue is essential. Things to consider are the number of attendees, how many days your training event is running for, if you are going to provide catering and how much equipment you’ll need to supply for your guests. Kettering Conference & Exhibition Centre in Northampton offers 12 purpose-built rooms suitable for meetings, training and team-building days that can hold up to 2000 people. 


The right training venue will need to feature several facilities to benefit those who are attending the training day, and those who are running it. It would be a good idea to write a tick list of all the amenities you’ll need such as free Wi-Fi, free parking, stationery, projectors, speakers, power points, water jugs, heating/air conditioning etc. so when it comes to sourcing a training venue, you can find out if that venue has everything you need.

Size of venue

The size of the space required will depend on the number of attendees, as well as the activity that will be taking place. Will everyone be seated, or will they be moving around the room? Will you need to make use of other rooms such as a breakout space and accommodation for visitors? Will you need various training rooms in order to split your employees based on skill level? It’s important to plan your training day before booking the venue so you can ensure it’s suitable for all of your requirements.


There’s a high chance that attendees will expect a free lunch during their training. Organising catering for your training day will show you care about your guests, and after all, an individual’s concentration is always improved after a substantial meal. Snacks and constant refreshments are always welcomed too.

The most appropriate lunch to provide participants would be a buffet-style lunch delivered straight to your training room, and most training venues can offer this, including Kettering Conference. If the training event is running longer than a day, you’ll also need to consider breakfast and dinner options for your employees. Using a training venue that also has its own restaurant and accommodation will provide convenience.

Event organiser

Having an Event Organiser or Coordinator, no matter how big or small the event is, is always a good idea. Many venues will have their own event coordinator who knows the venue inside and out and who is on hand to help you with everything from the planning process down to the setting up on the day. Not only does it take the stress off you or your team, but it also ensures that everything runs smoothly.


This sounds like a given, however, there are venues that don’t have their own car park. This can be hugely inconvenient for those travelling in the car. No one wants to spend their time searching for a parking space then having to walk for miles to the training venue or having to spend a large sum of money parking their car for the day. If you can find a venue with a large, free car park or close to a train station, that will make things considerably easier for your delegates.


The training venue needs to be suitable for everyone including wheelchair users. If you know of an attendee who has a disability, you’ll need to find out if the venue you’re interested in hiring has ramps, lifts and disabled toilets as well as accessible seating at the training venue. 

Breakout spaces

If your training day is an all-day event (or longer), guests will greatly benefit from a breakout space. A breakout space is a comfortable, social space where employees of a company can go during their breaks to take a break, eat their lunch, catch up on work or socialise with fellow employees. This allows everyone to relax and recharge ready for their next training session. If employees have been divided into teams or are in different rooms within the venue, it’s a great way to come together and meet up with your favourite colleagues.

We hope this blog helps you to decipher what you need when it comes to choosing the right training venue for your business. If you are looking for a training venue that is central and accessible, Kettering Conference Centre may be the perfect venue for you. Available 7 days a week, we have 12 rooms for hire that can be tailored to meet your training needs. Do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team for more information about your next training day.