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10 of the Best Christmas Party Games for Work


Your employees work hard all year long and for most companies, this means a bit of relaxation during the holiday period. Corporate companies will more often than not throw an immense Christmas party, where their staff can unwind, have a drink and chill out. But if you are looking for fun Christmas activities for the office then we have put together our top 10 Christmas party games for work.

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christmas games for work

Christmas games for work

Let’s get to it with our ultimate list of the top 10 best Christmas party games for work….

What’s in the Stocking?

One of our favourite festive games to play in the office is ‘What’s in the stocking?’. Fill a stocking with 10 random holiday season items such as candy canes, mini Christmas tree, tinsel, antlers and even a mince pie. Tie it together at the top so no one can see what’s inside and pass it round to your employees. Each member of the team has to use their sense of touch to list out the 10 items in the stocking. The person who guesses the most items correctly wins!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a popular team building activity all year round, but why not spruce it up for the holiday season by making it totally Christmas themed. There are a number of different ideas you can do for a festive scavenger hunt, such as sending your teams off to find the tasty festive treats you’ve hidden around the office. If you want to venture outside, give your team a list of random objects and the first team back with all the items wins. The perfect Christmas party game for work.

Fancy Dress Competition

We’re thinking ugly jumpers and sweaters, reindeer onesies and cute elf costumes. Everyone loves a fancy-dress day and making it Christmas themed will get people into the festive spirit. Make it competitive by having a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize. If you want to do some good, then ask all your employees to donate £1 to dress up and give it to your company’s charity of choice.

Pass the Present

We all remember the party classic as a child, right? Pass the parcel was the epitome of a fantastic party, so why not take a chance to relive your childhood. However, because it’s Christmas, we feel that everyone deserves a present. The spin is that everyone has bought and wrapped up a present individually. The idea is to pass all the gifts around until the music stops. At this point, each team member opens their gift. You can get super creative with this and find a whole bunch of silly secret Santa ideas.

Blind Christmas Tree

This is one of our favourite Christmas party games for work! Give each team member some green paper and the aim of the game is to rip the paper into a shape of a Christmas tree. However, each individual must be blindfolded or be holding the construction paper behind their back. The person at the end with the best and most attractive looking Christmas tree is the winner.

best christmas party games for work

Wrap Race

Wrap race pretty much, well, a wrap race! Hand out boxes, wrapping paper, ribbon, scissors and tape. Whoever can wrap their box the fastest is the winner. You can also hand out extra points to the neatest and deduct points from the untidiest present. If you need a bonus round, get an obscured shaped object and the person who can wrap it both the fastest and neatest wins the bonus round.

Christmas Bake Off

What’s the point in Christmas if you can’t binge on delicious food? This should most definitely start at your company Christmas party. Host an ultimate Christmas bake-off and whoever brings in the tastiest treat wins. You should ask people beforehand if they would rather make a sweet or savoury snack, so you can have an equal amount of foods to enjoy.

Employee Awards

Your employees should always get recognised and rewarded for the hard work they put in. Create Christmassy awards for your employees and present them at your work office party. You can make these both sincere and funny! For example, an award for the person with the most sales, or an award for the person who always offers to do the coffee round.

Christmas Charades

A party classic! Charades is a great way to get the team together for some laughter and fun. It is an unmissable addition to your party which is why it is our very best Christmas party games for work. Have your teammates pull out Christmas films, movies and people from a hat and then they are tasked with expressing what is on their card without the benefit of words! A fun classic that should never go amiss at any party or event.

Christmas Quiz

What’s a company Christmas party without a quiz?! A Christmas quiz is often popular with all staff and can be as interactive as you make it. You can appeal to all of your employees’ strengths by creating different rounds that require different knowledge. A great round is to guess the Christmas film by only using quotes from the film itself, or play 2 seconds of a Christmas song and see if your team can guess the song with only the short clip given. The ultimate Christmas party game for work.

top christmas party games for work

The 10 Best Christmas Party Games for Work A Recap

So, there you have it, our top 10 best Christmas party games for work. We hope that you now have some festive ideas to take away and are ready to plan your office do! To quickly recap, the 10 best Christmas party games for work are as follows:

  1. What’s in the Stocking?
  2. Christmas Scavenger Hunt
  3. Fancy Dress Competition
  4. Pass the Present
  5. Blind Christmas Tree
  6. Wrap Race
  7. Christmas Bake Off
  8. Employee Awards
  9. Christmas Charades
  10. Christmas Quiz

Kettering Conference and Exhibition Centre is always on hand to help with the planning or four corporate Christmas party, no matter how big or small. We have fantastic party nights throughout December and welcome teams of all sizes. Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your requirements today.

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