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Benefits of Face to Face Meetings


You’re not alone if you’re worried about video call burnout and virtual meetings, there are plenty of people itching to get back to face to face meetings, not only does it mean we can leave our houses but we can be meeting clients to build strong relationships. There are a number of other benefits of face to face meetings than just leaving your home including:

  • Effective communication
  • Understand body language
  • Maintain focus and increase productivity
  • Build relationships
  • Allows you to be personable

Effective Communication

Whilst video calls and phone calls have bridged the gap in business to allow us to have meetings, they’re not without their flaws. Between lagging videos, weak phone signals and knowing when to speak on a video call of more than 2 people, communication is easier but more complicated than ever.

A benefit of face to face meetings is that they take the complication out of communication for a more effective meeting that requires one follow up email of notes rather than back and forth questions to clarify meeting points. Face to face communication is also much more natural for the user experience, helping people to bounce ideas off one another for better collaboration and it’s easy to clear up misunderstandings at the time that they happen.

Understand Body Language

Communication isn’t just about words, when you have an in-person meeting you have the added benefit of being able to read people’s body language and hand gestures to fully understand their feelings and ideas on a topic.

One of the main benefits of face to face meetings allows you to read body language. Although you can see facial expressions, except for those with their cameras turned off, people give a lot more away with their body language than we think and by holding all meetings online, we’ve certainly saved ourselves travel time and money as well as reduced meeting time but we’ve also missed out on key ques.

Body language can give you a truer reflection of someone’s thoughts than their words might suggest.

Maintain Focus and Increase Productivity

Whether it’s a phone call or a video call, the likelihood that you’re taking a call in front of a computer is pretty high so maintaining focus in a meeting can be quite difficult with a variety of email notifications, zoom or team chats and who knows what else.

Not only does this make your meeting unproductive, it also means it’s likely to last longer as you’ll need information repeating. The benefit of face to face meetings is that you’re more likely to concentrate and be productive as there’s no way for you to get distracted without others noticing.

Build Relationships

Another benefit of face to face meetings is as simple as human contact in a world where everything is either automated or becoming virtual. People thrive on face to face interaction and shared experiences, not only will this help you build meaningful business relationships with your team or client but it will also be memorable compared to yet another video call. Plus, a client will remember the effort you made to visit or host them in person rather than adding them to your list of weekly video calls.

Be Personable

Whether you’re trying to convince a potential client to come on board or you’re having a sensitive meeting with your team, holding a meeting face to face allows you to be more personable and empathetic than with an email, phone call or video call.

This can help build and maintain good relationships as well as build transparency and trust because in-person meetings include the impact of eye contact, tone of voice and body language. Plus don’t forget the benefits of small talk which can help you connect with a potential client when finding out how they are and what they did at the weekend.

Face to Face Meetings in Northamptonshire

At Kettering Conference & Leisure Village, we offer an all-purpose venue with a range of facilities perfect for meetings, conferences or exhibitions. So whether you’re looking to hire a meeting room or hold a conference of 2000 delegates, we have the facilities to accommodate your requirements. Our facilities are designed to help our guests build more meaningful relationships to achieve their goals and objectives through face to face meetings.

If you’re looking to return to meetings in person, we are COVID secure venue, continuously working to keep our employees and guests safe so you can rest easy that by choosing our venue for your face to face meeting, you’re safely returning to normal. 

At Kettering Conference we’re ideally situated in the heart of England with road links to the A1(M), M1 and M6, offering 600 free onsite parking spaces, plus we’re only 55 minutes from London by train.

We also offer a range of meeting and event packages, contact our event coordinators to enquire.