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asian wedding planning tips

10 Asian Wedding Planning Tips


Planning an Asian wedding can seem daunting at the best of times. With so many traditional ceremonies being performed over numerous days you might be wondering where on earth you should start on Asian wedding planning. Luckily for you, we have 10 Asian wedding planning tips to help you sail through the process, given to us by actual wedding planners to help guide you through, ensuring you have a stress free special day!

At Kettering Conference and Exhibition Centre, we host Asian weddings and offer exclusive packages around Kettering and Northamptonshire. You will also be given a dedicated wedding planner who has an abundance of Asian weddings under their belts, meaning the stress of planning can be eased. We also understand the importance of food at any wedding. That’s why we allow external caterers if you have a chef in mind already.

Download our Asian wedding brochure to find out more information and how we can help with your Asian wedding planning.

Today we want to focus on Asian wedding planning, wedding ceremonies and luxurious events, as well as sharing the valuable tips our wedding planners have learned throughout the years and help you with all the major points that need to be added to your checklist.

asian wedding planning tips

Asian Wedding Planning Tips

Whether you are Hindu, Muslim, or Sikh there is a huge amount of cultural heritage you’ll want to embrace, and this attention to detail is important to the families. The big day should be enjoyed by everyone including the bride and groom. With the pressures of having to please everyone on your wedding day, it can seem all too easy to forget to enjoy yourself.

So to make things a bit easier for you on the day, here are our top Asian wedding planning top tips, or if you are attending a wedding we have a great blog post on Hindu wedding traditions: What to expect at a Hindu wedding.

1.    Hire a Professional Asian Wedding Planner

On average, an Asian wedding takes 350 hours of planning. That is a lot of manpower and without the help of a professional Indian wedding planner, there is no doubt that you will become overwhelmed. On top of this, you’ll also have your pre-wedding events and engagement parties to plan as well, so an event planner will be a necessity you certainly won’t regret.

Nowadays, having a wedding planner is a necessity for any wedding. Most of the time, the couple will be working professionals so trying to plan a wedding around your usual work hours is exhausting. Luckily, if you opt for our venue, you’ll be handed an experienced wedding planner who will help take the stress out of the event planning.

2.    Choose an Appropriate Venue

More often than not, luxury Asian weddings are huge and having a guest list of 700 is pretty standard. So, you must choose a wedding venue or event space that can cater to this amount of people. You don’t want your guests to feel cramped and will want room for a dance floor and DJ. This goes for destination weddings as well, wherever you get married, space is a definite priority.

Food is also an important factor of the big day and you’ll want a traditional dish served. Sometimes a venue won’t be able to cater to this or will struggle to produce a dish that is suited to your cultural heritage.

Look for a venue that allows external caterers, which will mean you can choose a talented chef of your choice in. At our venue, we allow external caterers and they will have full access to our kitchen facilities on the big day. Just remember to add it to your wedding planning list of things to book!

3.    Don’t Overcrowd Your Schedule

You will want your guests to be entertained throughout the night, but this worry can often cause overscheduling. Most of the time your guests will actually be happy in a relaxed atmosphere chatting. With Asian weddings often being so big, there is also a lot of catching up to do between family and friends.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t organise any entertainment, just don’t go overboard. Often a DJ and dancefloor will be just fine, and a floating entertainer is also a great idea. Floating entertainers don’t need a timeslot for everyone to pay them attention, they simply walk around and amuse whoever may be nearby. This could be a magician or a balloon animal maker.

asian wedding planning tips

4.    Make The Most of Your Arrivals

When Asian wedding planning, a big part of the process is thinking about arrivals. These are big spectacles, from the bride and groom arriving at the venue to them making their grand entrance to the reception venue as a married couple.

The bridegroom arrival is a big part of your day and can contain a lot of noise. You should first ask your venue choice what their rules are regarding this. You may find that some venues are quite strict, and this will limit Dohl Players.

You should think about using a master of ceremonies or toastmaster to welcome you accompanied by a DJ or live music for the reception grand entrance. Drummers are especially ear-catching and will gain the attention of the room almost instantly, which will create an exciting atmosphere. After all, all eyes should be on you!

5.    Plan Your Group Photographs

Wedding photography is important for any wedding and you will want to make sure you get some images of the whole family together. However, if your wedding consists of 100’s of guests, this will be extremely difficult to spontaneously orchestrate on the day. The trick is to get the photograph organised just after you arrive for the reception and before you sit down to eat.

For smaller group photographs, you should dedicate one person for each family to be in charge of this. Have someone who can command the room and get the job done quickly. This may not be culturally traditional, but it will get the job done. Once all the main photographs have been done, the photographer can spend the rest of the evening catching beautiful candid moments of the evening.

6.    Try to Relax with the Table Plans

Planning who sits where is probably the most challenging part of Asian wedding planning. With such big numbers to think about, who do you decide sits where? Get the obvious done first – the main wedding party and close family and friends. Once they have their dedicated tables you can think about the wider family and associates.

Try to group people together so that they at least know a handful of other people at the table, else things can be a bit awkward. As for the seating plan design itself, if you have less than 250 guests then you can show the seating plan by the table but make sure the layout resembles the room to make it easy for guests to navigate too. For over 250 guests, an alphabetical list of guests works better with their table number next to their name.

asian wedding planning tips

7.    Practice Walking in your Dress and Shoes Beforehand

This is a biggie for any Asian bride. You will want to rehearse walking down the aisle with your dress and shoes on to avoid any embarrassing trips or falls. A week before the big day you should get your bridesmaids and bridal party round to put on your dress and shoes and have a practice of walking around.

You’re going to be in the dress for a long time and although you have the option to take the shoes off later in the evening, they will still need to be on for a good few hours!

Breaking the shoes in is real, and you don’t want to be stuck with blisters all evening. Practise walking in them for around 10 minutes each day during the lead up to your wedding day. This way you will walk naturally and beautifully down the aisle with no worries about falling over.

8.    Guest Numbers will Annoy You

Yep. As bad as it sounds, this is true. Large scale events are daunting and as the bride and groom, it’s ok to get annoyed at the sheer amount of people attending your wedding – especially if you have a Sikh wedding here RSVP’s to invitations aren’t necessary.

On the day, everyone will want to talk to you and wish you well. This is a kind gesture and of course, everyone means well but meeting and greeting 700 people is time-consuming and you’ll want time to relax with your nearest and dearest.

It’s best to prepare beforehand and go in with the mindset that you may start to feel annoyed with small talk after an hour or two. But remember once everyone has said hello and given you their good wishes, you’re free to relax with whoever you like and enjoy the evening.

9.    Not Everything will be Perfect

As with every wedding, there will be hiccups. Don’t go into it thinking that everything must run smoothly and go perfectly. This will add a huge amount of pressure to an already stressful planning process. Asian wedding planning enables the day to go to plan for the most part.

Of course, Asian wedding planners have logistics and are extremely talented at their jobs, but some things are out of their control. From the groom’s arrival to entrance music, small mishaps can happen. Your wedding planner will be with you throughout the day and it is their job to fix anything that goes wrong. All you can do is relax and try not to worry about what may or may not go wrong.

10. Finally, HAVE FUN

This is our most important Asian wedding planning tip. It’s your day. You are marrying the love of your life and have a lifetime of happiness together.

Yes, Asian wedding planning is stressful. It’s time-consuming and can cause a lot of strain. But it is also amazing, fun and exciting!

If you ever feel overwhelmed, take a moment to step back and think about why you are doing all this. Think about how amazing it will be to finally be married and how awesome the day will be. On the day itself, make sure you take time to enjoy yourself, talk to friends, dance to music and eat all the food you please.

Asian weddings are great events and should be enjoyed by everyone – especially the bride and groom. Remember that no one really notices all the fine details and decoration/decor, so try not to get overly stressed about the small things. Your day has taken months of planning, so it’s important to enjoy it fully.

asian wedding planning tips

Asian Wedding Planning Conclusion

We hope you have enjoyed reading our top 10 Asian wedding planning tips from our experienced wedding planners and have some takeaway notes. We want your mind to be at ease so that you can enjoy the whole planning process. To recap, our 10 best Asian wedding planning tips are:

  • Hire a professional Asian wedding planner
  • Choose an appropriate venue
  • Don’t overcrowd your schedule
  • Make the most of the arrivals
  • Plan your group photographs
  • Try to relax with table plans
  • Practise walking in your dress and shoes beforehand
  • Guest numbers will annoy you
  • Not everything will be perfect
  • Finally, HAVE FUN

Kettering Conference and Exhibition Centre is a wedding venue located in Kettering, Northamptonshire. We have hosted an array of Asian weddings and would love to be part of your big day. Our luxury lakeside wedding venue is the ideal setting for your wedding photographs and our packages mean that you can get everything at one price.

You can book a viewing of our Asian wedding venue by giving us a call and speaking to our friendly team. If you have anything specific in mind, then we are more than happy to tailor a bespoke package to your requirements, and you have the option of in-house catering or external catering.

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